Mike FraserMike Fraser
5 star
Really good instructor helped me through my test with a calm a patient approach. Would recommend.

Passed first time
I found Louie via the LDC website and from the very start he was helpful, welcoming and professional. He was an excellent instructor, I was very comfortable in the car with him and he structured the lessons in order to balance working on my strengths and weaknesses. I also found the LDC website and workbook extremely helpful. It allowed me to study for the theory and I felt very prepared. Overall I can’t recommend Louie enough. I passed first time and so much of that is down to his instruction and patience.

Daniel Wilby Daniel Wilby
Passed first time
Rating: 5 Learning with Louie was a great experience. He was able to assess my ability very quickly, and took me through the steps that I needed to improve my driving. The metric of success during my lessons was my confidence and ability to execute driving skills from the LDC handbook. This ensured that we progressed in a logical and appropriate pace, and I understood everything thoroughly. What I especially liked was not just Louie’s ability to help me pass, but his commitment in training me to be a safe and competent driver. Louie went above and beyond to book me a cancellation ahead of schedule, and I passed 1st time! I’m very happy and confident to reccomend Louie to a learner of any age and ability.

Passed first time
Louie is a fantastic and very professional instructor who very clearly loves his job. He taught me a great deal and helped me to pass my test with only 4 minors. His method of teaching involved me finding the answers through his questions and having me know my strengths and weaknesses was crucial in this.

Anna NairnAnna Nairn
Passed first time
Louie is an amazing instructor who read both my strengths and weaknesses immediately and made me feel very comfortable in my progression in driving. Personally I found the workbook especially useful due to there being quizzes involved at the end of each section. After sitting the intensive course my preparation and Louie's excellent teaching, I felt more than ready and confident for my test! Thanks to Louie and the LDC system, I passed my test first time!

Even though I had already been taught how to drive Louie was able to give me plenty of handy tips for my test and give me confidence for my test. Louie had a very calming approach to his teaching which made me comfortable to learn with him. The book I was given helped me greatly on aspects that I was struggling with, such as parallel parking. Louie is an all round nice guy, he went above and beyond when it came to booking a very short notice test, which I passed thanks to him. I would highly recommend Louie and I have already done so to a number of different family friends.

Mamadou L. BarryMamadou L. Barry
I can't thank Louie enough for helping me pass my test. He was very calm and reassuring. This helped me relax and enjoy the lessons. I suffered from nerves before with other instructors but Louie's manner helped me overcome all that. I would highly recommend Louie to anyone who wants to learn to drive in a safe manner and be confident in their ability. Thank you Louie.

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